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Grant Request

Welcome to the Osteohealth Grant/Sponsorship Request web page. Osteohealth is committed to funding high quality educational programs to assist healthcare professionals in improving patient outcomes.

Osteohealth is aware of the growing need for financial support. We receive many more requests than can be funded; however, you can be assured that we will review your request on a timely basis fairly consistent with our Guidelines. We ask that you consider how your request fits within our Guidelines before submitting it to us, and provide us a complete description of the program and how it meets our Guidelines.

Guidelines for Submission of a Grant/Sponsorship Request

Osteohealth is pleased to accept requests for funding of bona-fide educational programs. All other types of requests including invitations to exhibit should be directed to our Tradeshow Coordinator.

All CE funding requests must be submitted electronically directly by the Requester a minimum of 60 days prior to the scheduled program date or funding need by date, whichever is earlier.

Your request for funding will be reviewed and considered by Osteohealth’s Grant Committee based on a number of criteria. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Does the program promote excellence in patient care in the field of dentistry, periodontics and oral surgery?
  • Is the meeting format conducive to an effective and efficient use of funds?
  • Will the program provide quality education to healthcare professionals at appropriate/reasonable costs?
  • If the CE program is accredited, does the program meet requirements in terms of independence, scientific balance, and opportunity for peer discussion?
  • Who is the CE provider and what is their history of providing balanced CE programs?
If you would like to proceed with completing our Funding Request Form, please click here.
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